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Who is Edwina?

Who is Edwina?

Hello my little Chickadee’s!
My name is Edwina Dahling, I’m the alter ego of  Carina Therese! I’m so very happy to make your acquaintance. I’m not a chef, not a master of much..but I do know how to feed the masses with food that tempts even the greatest critics palates so I’ve been told!

I decided to start a blog after many have told me to WRITE IT DOWN! Okay Okay..I’ll write them down, if I don’t forget what I put in the pot by the time I post!

I’ll regularly post recipes that I have created in my own tiny kitchen with ingredients that are easily found and tools most of you have, this I promise. I don’t have a large budget, and I do like to eat somewhat healthy..but the odd day we’ll have to indulge, right my little birds?

update: my focus is on healthy eating due to chronic Lyme disease. I’ll be incorporating healthy, easy, low budget meals to help others with Lyme or other debilitating diseases in order to regain strength and save strength.  I will also post interesting health articles as they catch my eye. I do not claim to be an expert by any means, please check with your doctor. I am currently gluten free, sugar free, non-dairy, organic, no GMO. This type of diet helps to relieve issues such as Lyme disease and  autoimmune diseases, which cause inflammation and pain. 

Any requests for specific help with recipes or if you would like me to help you with your kitchen dilemmas, I will do my best!

Tah tah for now and toodles till the next yummer!

Carina/Eddy xx


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  1. Sounds like a good blog to me! FOOD! XD Looking forward to seeing more recipes from you! Hopefully we’ll introduce each other to new and yummy recipes! Thanks for following my blog! =)

  2. Thanks so much! I love your page!

  3. Hello Miss Edwina,

    You once cooked me a soup when I had pneumonia. I honestly can say I’ve been trying to recreate it ever since. It had chicken, rice, and a strong lemon flavour I believe. If you had the time, would you perhaps share the recipe please?


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